6 February 2019

T-LAB Plus 2019

Here is a short list of the most significant improvements made in this version of the software.
The Concordances tool now includes a new option which allows the user to build/explore a dynamic Word-Tree of any selected item;
The way the Corpus Builder tool manages the CSV files in different languages has been significantly improved ...
6 January 2018

T-LAB Plus 2018

The Sequence and Network Analysis tool, which takes into account the positions of words relative to each other (i.e. transition probabilities), has been completely redesigned and now the user is able to check the relationships between the 'nodes' (i.e. the key-terms) of the text network at different levels …
20 January 2017

T-LAB Plus 2017

The most important improvements concern:
(A) the preprocessing steps - e.g. word segmentation, automatic lemmatization and stemming - for many languages,
(B) the functionalities of some co-occurrence tools;
(C) the performances of the Modeling of Emerging Themes tool ...
22 April 2016

T-LAB Plus 2016

Now eleven different file formats - including PDF documents - can be processed either as a single file or as a collection of documents ...
14 September 2015

T-LAB Plus 2015

T-LAB Plus is a new software product which results from re-engineering the latest version of T-LAB 9.1 and paves the way for further developments ...