Bush’s speeches (Sept. 11 – Oct. 7, 2001)

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3 October 2017
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Bush’s speeches (Sept. 11 – Oct. 7, 2001)

T-LAB Tools for Text Analysis


Short Samples:
Bush's speeches (Sept. 11 - Oct. 7, 2001)

(Last update: May 3th, 2003. The version of T-LAB used was 3.0)

NOTICE: The following example has been realized by using an old version of T-LAB (3.0). The latest version includes new tools and a new charting system. Click here to find out more.

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The Co-Word Analysis and Concept Mapping tool (hierarchical clustering option) automatically produces a map (see below) in which each label stands for a 'nucleus', i.e. a subset of associated words co-occurring in elementary contexts (sentences) of the corpus . For each nucleus it is possible identify the elements that form it.

The Associations option shows the words in the corpus that share co-occurrence contexts with selected key-terms.

The selection is carried out by the computation of an Association Index (the Cosine Coefficient).

In the sample on the left, the proximity to "terrorist" indicates the degree of association of each considered word.

The words considered as a whole are the context of relationships which define the local meaning of "terrorist" in the corpus.

In order to explore the similarity/dissimilarity relationships between the various speeches, we can use the Correspondence Analysis. The following chart shows both the speeches and their key-terms in a bi-dimensional space.

The following tables, by means of a test value, describe the significant characteristics of the horizontal axis.

For an in-depth exploration and detailed check of the elementary contexts (sentences) in which Bush uses each key-term, we can use the function Concordances.

One click on each of the selected segments enables us to check each specific occurrence context.

It is also possible to export a file with all the segments containing the selected key-word (see table below)